How We Work

As daily operational requirements of I.T. have become crucial to businesses, servers have become more complex and are relied upon more to support every facet of the business lifecycle. 

This is where we come in. Biz I.T. is a Cairns based IT cloud and managed services provider, and hardware and maintenance specialist, servicing clients across Australia. Along with expertise in systems integration and storage, Biz I.T. specialises in providing custom IT solutions and support to businesses of all sizes with a major emphasis on client service. 

With any complex system, there is a requirement for ongoing monitoring to ensure they function correctly and efficiently. That is why we are partnered with the largest brands in the IT industry. Biz I.T. has built an excellent reputation of being trusted IT consultants and solutions providers to small business, enterprise and Government agencies.

A different approach

We are taking a completely different approach than other support companies in this city. Rather than waiting for you to experience severe problems and call us, we want to be proactive and identify small problems before they become big calamities – saving you hours of downtime, frustration and the financial cost associated with this type of situation.

How it works

Our purpose is to provide structure and control of the functions responsible for technical operations which generally involve hardware, software, and networking in both physical and virtual environments. Our main goal is to minimize downtime and maintain business productivity. We believe in delivering what our customers expect (a great end product) and not just what they've asked for!

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

With Remote Monitoring and Maintenance Biz I.T. focuses on the health and status of your IT systems 24/7. This means any issues are identified instantaneously, allowing us to take corrective action before those issues become critical and damaging.

Patch management is traditionally time consuming for the service provider and disruptive for the client. However, it is essential for protecting systems against known attacks. Using automation, we can patch multiple machines simultaneously and ensure that patching and necessary reboots take place at the most convenient time for the client. This reduces disruption without compromising security.