Wireless Solutions

Virtual Private Networks

VPN's are encrypted connections from a device to a network over the internet. These encrypted connections help ensure that sensitive data is safely delivered. It prevents unwanted people from intercepting information or data sent and allows for employees to conduct work remotely.

We offer VPN's through Sophos and their Unified Threat Management (UTM) network firewalls.

Benefits of Sophos UTM's:

  • Built using Intel multi-core technology & solid-state drives for accelerated content scanning
  • Simple & intuitive user interface
  • All-in-one protection including:
    • Network Protection
    • Wireless Protection
    • Web Protection
    • Targeted attack protection, visibility and analysis
    • Email Protection
    • Web Server Protection
  • Built-in reporting with graphs and daily summaries
  • Flexible deployment


Network Managment

We use Ubiquiti/Unifi products for the monitoring and managment of your network for greater oversight for your entire network.

Benefits of Ubiquiti/Unifi:

  • Multi-application network operating system
  • Device identification, threat identification, and threat protection
  • Multi-site ready