3CX Partners

3CX specialises in phone systems. They have an award-winning open standard Windows-based IP PBX that replaces traditional proprietary hardware PBX whilst providing enterprise-style features at a fraction of the cost.

As a 3CX Partner we are certified in most aspects of the 3CX product line up. We provide onsite and cloud hosted phone systems using approved VOIP SIP providers. In the past we have provided anywhere between 3 to 100 handsets and are highly experienced.


Benefits include:  

  • Lowering your company‚Äôs call costs and truly globalising your business by leveraging VoIP vendors and bridging your offices for free inter-office calls
  • Increase mobility by allowing your employees to take their office extension with them wherever they go
  • Increase productivity with unified communications features that allow you to set up conference calls in a matter of seconds and see the presence of your colleagues