Backup Systems

As computer systems have become an integral part of running a business, so has the need for backup solutions that can effectively protect from data loss, corruption, compromise and theft.


Network Attached Storage

We offer full support for NAS through QNAP for data storage and backups.

The benefits of QNAP:

  • On demand storage scalability
  • Supports mainstream cloud platforms
  • Comprehensive file management & feature rich apps


Microsoft 365 and SharePoint

For the migrattion, management, and protection of Microsoft 365 (including Office 365, OneDrive and MS Teams) and SharePoint data we offer AVEPOINT. 

The benefits of AVEPOINT:

  • A relationship with Microsoft that began in 2001 ensuring one of the best solutions for Microsfot products
  • The most versitile all-in-one solution for migrating, managing and protecting customers’ Microsoft 365 investments


Server Backup

For server backups, disaster recovery, system migration and data protection we offer StorageCraft.

The benefits of StorageCraft:

  • Near instant data recovery
  • Constant data availability to maintain uptime