Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

Key monitoring areas that we focus on:

  • Monitoring of system event logs for errors relating to the server and software/hardware associated with it
  • Monitoring of key systems such as Mail Server and File Server, for health and performance.
  • Monitoring of key services and network connectivity for the servers
  • Monitoring of attempts of unauthorized access to your system by hackers and other internet based threats
  • Monitoring of Antivirus on the server and network to confirm that the latest updates have been applied and alerts to viruses on the network
  • Monitoring of daily backups to confirm they have run correctly
  • Monitoring of key systems to allow trending information to be collected about the utilization of the server

By monitoring all of the above key areas, and more, you can become proactive in the management of your server infrastructure allowing you to maximize your uptime, all for less than the price of a cup of coffee per day!